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Kuza Orphanage center, Seeta – Mukono

Over the weekend, Spreading Wings International visited Kuza Orphanage center, Seeta – Mukono, Lumuli Village during our Mid-year charity outreach and we extended our donations ranging from food stuffs, home basic needs, scholastic materials, words of hope and others.

We felt touched by the story of the facility, and how COVID-19 affected their operations as narrated below.

On 24th May 2005 mayhem engulfed Kyaggwe in Mukono Municipality when assailants attacked and opened fire against pupils and students at Saint Mary’s Primary and Secondary School Katente in Kyaggwe – Mukono.

Immediately after their ill actions, the perpetrators took off leaving the community worried while police launched manhunt and investigations, parents and guardians came to their kids rescue in fear of what had happened.

Over 20 kids remained stranded and helpless, these were orphans who were being taken care of by the school, when the school decided to suspend operation for further investigations, the matron then, Shabunam Namuyanja decided to take them at her place and luckily enough her husband welcomed them.

Months turned into years and years and years and no one came for kids, she eventually decided to open up an orphanage center that would welcome abandoned kids and orphans.

Kuza Orphanage Home was the name she chose to give this home, (Kuza to literally mean raising a child).

In order to help kids not be sad about their past, she and her family members that is to say her children and relatives started up a cultural troupe and kids would be dancing and singing, this morphed into a group that would fetch them money to feed the family through invitations it receives to perform on all types of parties.

Since then to date, she has not stopped, she continues to welcome children, the little ones then are now big boys and girls and others are responsible men and women in different capacities. There even those who don’t know their parents, some are dropped at the facility gate as young as they are one month old.

The facility, with the dance wing Kuza Troupe Africa has been doing well despite a few challenges, but when COVID-19 outbreak was declared in the world and it’s subsequent effects like the lockdown, restricted movements and gatherings, the troupe has been battling to raise funds for day to day activities, and needs since the invitations to perform on different occasions are no more.

This came to our attention to mobilize support from our friends and visited them to help with the little we managed during our Mid-year charity outreach named ‘Where Hands Meet’, under the theme ‘ We are here for you’.

We were thrilled by the reception, performance were super nice and very refreshing, we were humbled by the appreciation and comfort from the facility.

We share these photos not to show off, but to account for your contributions and inspire those with good hearts to visit them because they are still in need of Matresses, blankets, bedsheets, financial assistance and more, perhaps also to join us next time.

Thank you all, May God bless you.

Spreading the Wings of Love Internationally ❤️

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‘Lost Boys’

Yesterday, we spoke to the ‘Lost Boys’ formerly a criminal gang on the road of transformation at the former inaccessible ‘Lost Street’ in Kisugu, Makindye Division, Kampala.

We were invited by Plan International in conjunction with Safer cities for girls to deliver a message of hope, on transformation journey of these great men and women that everything to change their lives is centered in their decision to opt for a fundamental change.

These confessed to us that they indeed engaged in untold misneeds, like robbery, harrasing the women and girls, drug abuse, manipulation, unnecessary fights, to mention but a few.

Our founder Mordecai Muriisa Martin Junior , shared with them his life story from the ghettos of Lubaga to the worldwide screens, he anchored his message on hope, motivation and inspiring the sleeping abilities in them.

He surfaced in two appearances, first with a hoodie, army camouflage and sports shoes to blend with them and later in a suit to look like the professionals you know, but there was a message that life can change in minutes if you dares to transform.

We were thrilled with the hospitality from former untouchables, unruly and notorious group, indeed the transformation goal is in their hands, these asked for financial support to buy a a jet car washing machine, general financial transformation and media space to deliver a message that change is possible.

Special thanks to plan international and safer cities for girls, these are driven by the desire to provide free and safe accessibility of girls and women to public places, and communities.

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Meet New Midland Islamic Orphanage Primary School.

Clad in Irony catching Grey Shirt with a pair of neat black trousers and field befitting shoes, i franked the team lead by Mordecai Muriisa Martin Junior to Kawempe a city Suburb where we had an hour engagement with the Director, Staff and pupils of New Midland Orphanage Primary School.

The School comprises of close to 200 pupils and are all orphans, according to the school Director, these pupils are got from different parts of the country with proof of local authorities that are indeed orphans, some are got from streets and brought to the school premises where they start pursuing their primary education. He added that, they are renting this place and are hoping to open up a bigger centre in Luweero.

Being an orphanage school, the majority number of pupils stay and sleep at the school premises for the most part of their primary education unless picked by relatives or other care takers during holidays, this literally means that, the school remains with the