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‘Sanyu Babies Home’ Charity Outreach, 2017

In 2017, we had our inaugural charity outreach at Sanyu Babies Home, together with our friends, we gathered home basic needs, foodstuffs and children wears among others which we donated to the home.

In conversation with the administration of the facility, they told us that they get abandoned babies as young as a day old from different parts of the country.

Sanyu Babies’ Home is a Christian organization based in Kampala, Uganda that seeks to provide Christ-like love to babies and children deprived of parental love and to reintegrate them into the community through reuniting them with their families, fostering or adoption.

Sanyu Babies’ Home is the first and oldest Babies’ Home in Uganda. Sanyu was founded in 1929 by Milnes Winfred Walker, a British midwife working as a missionary at Mengo Hospital. Milnes Winfred Walker noticed the large number of babies being abandoned at the hospital after their birth and took them into her care. Today, they continue to do this work. Child abandonment is still an issue; many of the children are found abandoned in ditches, at hospitals, in taxi parks, on garbage heaps, at the side of the road or in pit latrines. The children are taken to the police who refer the child into their custody for love, care and attention.

At Sanyu they have the capacity to care for up to 50 children at a time, although during the busiest time they often operate at over capacity! The children in their care typically are between the ages of 0-4yrs. Sometimes they may care for a child until they are a little older if it gives them the chance to be reunited or adopted.

‘Sanyu’ means joy and that is what they want their children, staff members and volunteers to experience while they are with them. They want the children to know that they are deeply loved, have an extended family who care about them and know that they will always have a place to call home.

Cc: Sanyu Babies Home.

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