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Meet New Midland Islamic Orphanage Primary School.

Clad in Irony catching Grey Shirt with a pair of neat black trousers and field befitting shoes, i franked the team lead by Mordecai Muriisa Martin Junior to Kawempe a city Suburb where we had an hour engagement with the Director, Staff and pupils of New Midland Orphanage Primary School.

The School comprises of close to 200 pupils and are all orphans, according to the school Director, these pupils are got from different parts of the country with proof of local authorities that are indeed orphans, some are got from streets and brought to the school premises where they start pursuing their primary education. He added that, they are renting this place and are hoping to open up a bigger centre in Luweero.

Being an orphanage school, the majority number of pupils stay and sleep at the school premises for the most part of their primary education unless picked by relatives or other care takers during holidays, this literally means that, the school remains with the

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